Last week in IPKKND-A plot lost !

The brains of all the CVs of this serial is on vacation after the HOLI episode or perhaps still under Bhaang’s influence? Wink IPKKND is no more a love story or a hatred story.. I don’t know what it is at the moment. The entire plot has disintegrated and the tagline of the serial “Nafrat paas aane na de, mohabbat door jaane na de” is no where to be seen.  What happened to Arnav’s hatred towards Khushi or even his dislike towards anything that she does? What happened to Khushi being worried about how ASR will find a way to throw her sister out of  RM? What about Khushi’s worries on Shyam’s snide comments and increasing bold moves? Is she not worried that she may be dangerously in peril soon if Shyam continues his overtures?

I’m waiting patiently to see what will happen next and have my fingers crossed while hoping that things will be back on track soon. God willing.. or CVs willing. Embarrassed 

Khushi’s character, Arnav’s characterisation as ASR of the world is being butchered very severely. I’m not even going to go into how pathetic ASR is being made while he’s changing and dancing to his wife’s tune without any thought whatsoever to his ruthless businessman image.  The actors only do what they’re told to do so we can’t blame Barun or Sanaya for it. Confused  

 I was happy with the CVs showing Khushi becoming enterprising. However there have been solid holes in this story when it comes to her becoming enterprising. Where’d she find the money to start the business? Which fool handed her 10K for starting a business when she has two failed ventures (halwai and saree selling) on her experience resume? Has she used her husband’s name to gain an advance? Wonder what the CVs have in store here.
 The logic in the entire story is lost somewhere with no regard whatsoever for how things work in business, corporate ethics and even the perception on how a rich tycoon’s bathroom looks like!  
We drooled over shirtless Arnav-yes producer s’aab we did..but we didn’t lay the logical and sensible side of our brain off. The bathroom could have been shown to be a bit grand especially since you have portrayed Arnav Singh Raizada as a top ten among tycoons. 
Khushi is an 18 year old character not behaving her age since the last week. She behaves as if she’s a fifth grader without any thought about consequences of her actions on herself, her darling jiji, her nemisis and yet unrecognized love of her life; ASR. She has been acting very silly and that’s the least of it!
I have been repeating this since the last week on various forums and posts that ASR has always been shown to regret his actions but when it comes to Khushi, they’ve not shown even an ounce of regret;not even as an afterthought. Disapprove Why is it absent? Is this a sign of all male crew when it comes to the CVs?
Anjali is the centre lead and but has been shown as a caring yet dumb (when it comes to her husband)  right from the beginning. Now she’s even more so.. guess pregnancy hormones or something acting up. Wacko 
Shyam’s acting skills have deteriorated for some reason since the last few episodes is what I feel. Don’t know if it’s just the way the character is being shown these days or really the fact that Abhaas is under the weather and not doing his job as required. 
All in all, a disappointing week despite the fact that we got our RVs and shirtless Barun to drool on.

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