IPKKND Episode- 26 March 2012

Two things from today that struck me as the heart of the episode.

Khushi, “aaj humara sapna pura hua hain. Toh ab hum chaen se mar sakte hain.”  Anjali, “bhagwan kare aapko humari umr bhi lag jaaye.”

Khushi, “Issi ke layak hain na hum, iss dard ke, to bardash karne dijiye, humein toh isse bhi badi sajja milni chahiye.”


Finally after last week’s disappointments where the track had lost its focus and fans had ranted on and on about it, the CVs seem to have taken notice. Monday’s episode saw lots of rectifications in character’s behaviour and also in the story line. We can now say that it is back on its normal mode and working fine.

The episode begins with Khushi talking on her BT with Shuklaji and laad governer  ASR entering the house. He seems a little off mood and enters his room in the same ASR style that had gone missing last week. He sees the mess around in the room (Khushi’s side of the bed, the room, etc) and is pissed off. He’s now started using “WHAT THE HELL” instead of a simple “WHAT THE” .. progress you think? 😛 Khushi tries to calm him down but only gets irritated when he snatches the BT from her hands. She jumps around like a child wanting her toy back from the hands of an adult. A small “Rabba Ve” moment was rightly placed here, showing Khushi going all flustered when she looks into her dear Arnav’s eyes. What she misses is this- it is not Arnav standing in front of her, whom she can play and mess around with. This is ASR, the ruthless guy who stops at nothing until he gets what he wants. Look at his eyes Khushi. There is anger and determination to get over your stare, no love.” We do see a tinge of confusion in his eyes for a millisecond though but it disappears as quickly as it came.  One shriek from Khushi calling his beloved Di and he loses focus. Again.. the rectification- his firsts and foremost concern is his Di and it has come back to form today. Khushi takes this moment to retrieve back her BT, inviting Anjali deeper into her room, deeper into discord.

On the other side, Shyam manipulates Anjali and buys an expensive watch at her expense.  Shyam is back in character and blacker and more vile than ever! The opportunistic, slimy, up to no good persona of Shyam is in full bloom now. He has another ace up his sleeve apart from his wife, Anjali whose purse strings he can pull as easily he pulls at her heartstrings- the knowledge that Khushi is unaware of why Arnav has married her and Arnav unaware of the whole truth. He is going to use it to his complete advantage I’m sure. Though as usual, we can also predict perhaps that his action will once again declare that he is “stupid cupid” who brings Arnav and Khushi closer to each other.

Anjali you dumb creature.. don’t you realize as yet? Anyway, who gives you the right to simply give away 75,000 bucks as if it’s peanuts? Your brother works damn hard to earn that money!

Khushi is happy that her Dabba business is on track. Her happy moments are pronounced by her statement, “Aaj hum bahot khush hain. Aaj humara sapna pura hua hain toh ab hum chaen se mar sakte hain.”  Khushi’s statement is a clear indication that something untoward is going to happen to her, something unfortunate that will bring her right to death’s door. Anjali on the other hand, places a hand on Khushi’s mouth and adding her own life to Khushi’s.  This is another indication that Anjali may be the only one who will be able to bring her back from the dead. Kya khichdi paka rahe hain CVs? 😛

Arnav fights with Khushi with the wrong assumption that she wants to hurt Anjali because of Shyam. Actually Arnav is the lover so today I will call him ASR only ‘cos he’s been ASR today for most parts. The only thing he can remember is the mayhem that will be a part of Anjali’s life if what he thinks will come true. Shyam and Khushi together. He doesn’t think about himself or he THINKS he is not thinking about the hurt he is going through with this torturous thought in his head. He screams and Khushi. The ever immature Khushi doesn’t realize when to shut up and fights back. Her puzzlement is genuine. Why is he so hyper and what is he blaming me for when it comes to Di? Khushi darling, wake up and smell the coffee.. or jalebis if you like! Start joining the dots already!

What I assumed would happen next is exactly what does happen although I never though he’d drag her to the “all and sundry” poolside where people can hear her in open air and shout “Don’t shout”. 😀 Silly ASR, get your brains back in order.  Ideally it would have made sense if he’d locked the door and they’d fought inside. And what’s with all the dupattas hanging all around the pool side. IS this a rich man’s mansion or not!!!!

But .. oh well.. maybe Khushi wants to wash and hang her colourful dupattas around her and maybe ASR wants to wash his bedroom linen in public!  Look what they’ve done!

The creep Shyam, happy after getting his watch is by the poolside (what the hell was he doing there anyway!) overhears their argument and rushes to inform Anjali about the fight. He smirks and slithers thinking he’s going to expose the debacle of ASR-KSR marriage reality today and then Khushi will be his. Why in the world.. he’s demented I tell ya!

In the meanwhile, ASR shuts the pool side door on Khushi’s hand after roughly manhandling her and telling her how much he hates her and how much he wished he could tell her why! ASR.. get on with it! If you wish to say so, inform her of your opinion of her and tell her frankly what cockahoop theory you’ve based your assumptions on! Of course the story would move very quickly if he did that so he doesn’t. 😦 Instead he hurts her hand.

The lover Arnav comes out of him, ASR’s anger drained and left on one side to dry when he hears Khushi squeal in agony. Good old Khushi, the tigeress is back and pushes him away. Good job KKGSR! Why should you want his attentions after he has so brutally told you that he doesn’t trust you or your genuine tears and considers every thing you do as fake? Why should you want to love him or want his attention when he thinks you’re untrustworthy! Had it not been for the penchant of our director s’aab to keep half formed sentences hanging in the air, Khushi  today almost told him that she can’t believe he is the same guy she is in love with!  When the hand is hurt, she proceeds to reject his concern and that’s when the second important statement is spurted out. The character Khushi is being made ready to go through worse pain than a simple hand brush with the door. Is it going to be Shyam who will hurt her physically or is it going to ASR’s verbal and mental torture? Both the statements mentioned in the beginning of the post seem to be intertwined with each other.  

The other things happening on the side were : Khushi and Arnav hide their discord from Anjali.  Anjali being instigated by creep to do something about it. ( Didn’t I say he plays stupid cupid?) Payal shares her ideas for the fancy dress competition with Manorama. Nani’s work has to be applauded since she is the only one who thinks of paramparagat gift to the newly wed couples-  honeymoon tickets. ASR of course has to put a spanner in the works and cancel the trip. Khushi’s eyes talk of despair when he tears the tickets but she of course goes ahead and proudly proclaims that she is thankful he has torn them off as she had no interest in going along with him either. UFfff.. another reason for MU! Now ASR thinks she doesn’t want to go with HIM but someone else.

The last scene shows nani hatching a plot to make her honeymoon idea become fruitful. Let’s see what the episode today holds for us! *rubs hands together in glee* CAN”T WAIT! 🙂


IF Khushi was hurt, nobody saw her hand when she was handed the tickets? She is not hurting?

2 responses

  1. Well written said.. now we understand what is going through Asr head… The track is right back on where is supposed to be. Let’s see what happens next with the storyline. Keep fingers crossed that things turned out good and get back to its normal tune..

  2. Now we understand Asr pain and what he is going through with this drama which is true. Khushi on the other hand have to realize that she has to figure how to battle her emotions and tears of pain. Something is going later with her. Arnav shoulld know khushi would never hurt Anjali. Just see where this storyline goes with the two starcrossed lovers.. I hate you means I love you… doesn’t. Know it yet. Time will heal. All wounds.

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