Was it a filler? Don’t think so! Read on…. IPKKND 27th March 2012

Let me be frank. When the episode began today, I rolled my eyes and threw my hands up in the air, exclaiming, “OH NO! They’re going to deviate from yesterday’s track again! This is just another filler episode with stupid antics. ” This deviation of track that I was thinking about was purely the hatred and pain visible in Arnav and Khushi’s eyes while looking at each other in yesterday’s episode. All that hurt and pain could surely not go away the next day! I had to eat crow by the middle today’s episode though. They had most certainly not lost focus of the track, rather they simply took another turn about and came back to it. 

Today’s episode can be surmised in a few words thus: Nani and Anjali plan a honeymoon for the newly married couples in the Raizada house. They transform the house into an exotic hotel. Manorama and her husband greet the two couples as attendants, nani becomes the hostess, Shyam waits upon the couples while Anjali is the manger of the so called “Delhi main Bali” hotel. Fun filled atmosphere resides with Shantivan today. Anjali gifts a bouquet of white flowers to Payal and Akash.  Arnav watches in anger while Shyam gifts a flower bouquet to Khushi and pretends to remember that Khushi loves red roses since his “rani sahiba” does so too. The couples are sent to their respected rooms to change and come back down for dance. Arnav is suprised when Khushi lets him use the bathroom to change clothes without any argument.  Khushi’s reasoning? ” humain kya karna hain wo aap he batayenge.. toh hum karenge.”  The dance follows. After the dance, the couples are guided to their “honeymoon suites”. Arnav and Khushi are locked in their honeymoon suite without phones or electricity. Arnav lights a match to see in the dark and falls atop Khushi on the bed by accident, causing a RV moment. Khushi warns him on time when he is in danger of burning his finger through the lit matchstick and he throws it away, but his laptop catches fire and Khushi panics.

Let us talk about the dance.. pure envy!

One could very visibly see and gasp at the emotions that were being brought out in the open while they danced.  There was naught but anger, passion and a stamp of total possession. Barun portrays both the sides of this reel character so well! Clap  I am sure that Khushi would have felt hapless and utterly unable to resist even ASR in that mode..we have already seen how her senses get impacted when she dances with Arnav. Gone was Arnav from “Teri meri” dance ‘cos today was ASR’s turn.  Khushi Kumari Gupta- Singh Raizada was a putty in his hands and that’s him being modest! Usage of the title song of the show was an added plus since most of the fans wanted it added one way or the other in the show. It is amazing how popular this song has become among all the IP fans and such is the impact of the song that even when the show has already completed 200 episodes, it can be added to the situation. This is no filler episode.. they continue from where they’d left off yesterday when ASR had said that he will tell her what she is supposed to do and say and left Khushi speechless.  Thus today she does and says exactly that, ” humain kya karna hain wo aap he batayenge.. toh hum karenge.”

Anjali looked gorgeous with her stylishly worn saree and Shyam deserved the work he was doing. 😛  Shyam ogled Khushi shamelessly on the pretext of giving her the roses. But my mind refuses to see the logic behind one action.  Arnav Singh Raizada for all his smart moves and wide perception of the people of the world is not able to see that his wife feels uncomfortable in the presence of Shyam the creep. Why does he not look at the emotions that reflect in her eyes and her body language when Shyam is closeby? If he feels cheated and really wants to know how they both feel, logically would it not be correct if he looked at both the parties and observed their expressions? The intensity of his anger is directed solely at Khushi and his disgust is pointing towards Shyam in this scene according to me. 

I believe ASR has formed an opinion in his mind and his nightmares and the end of his dreams began the day he decided to believe that his truth is the only truth. Somebody knock some sense into him!!!! Ouch

The day when he realizes his truth was not even worth a dime, he’d have to take it with a pinch of salt and grovel for eternity. Again, he will need Khushi to forgive him and guide him out of his despair. The end scene where she saves him from fire is only but an indication that while ASR plays with fire, the only person who will be able to holler a warning and pull him back will be Khushi. But will she do that after every thing she would have gone through by then?

Payal and Akash’s romance is definitely worth a mention today. As you mentioned earlier, we could see Payash in their romantic mode, calm and sensible.. with heat simmering but kept under the lid. Beautifully portrayed by Payal and Akash, their love will blossom and provide an achor to Khushi and Arnav in the time when it is most needed. Approve

I don’t think this pair that will separate due to Arnav Khushi quarrel. Rather they will become a link and bind them together to each other, more tight than ever.  Remember it was Arnav and Khushi who brought them together so in the event where Arnav and Khushi separate, the task will fall upon Payal and Akash to scatter the clouds of dust (confusion and MU in this case) and bring forth the rainbow of love and life. Ahhh!! What a long wait it is going to be  for us to see that.. at least that’s how I feel judging by the speed of the show. Stern Smile

Shyam is getting bolder by the second and will need to be checked soon. I have a feeling things are going to be progressing very quickly and things will take a downturn for Khushi very soon. 

Special mention to Mamaji.. looked in his form while portraying the attendant and happy to be away from mamiji.. hello hi bye bye! LOL  Naniji looked adorable in lilac saree… and oh yeah! Dillil main Bali Hotel rocked despite a honeymoon that was supervised by elders. Tongue

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