Near death teaches life appreciation


“It is worth dying to find out what life is.” – T.S. Eliot

It has been an eventful journey, this one. When I went away on this trip, I had a simple adventure in mind; adventure that was filled with fun and relaxation, some alone time with husband as well as with self.

Instead I found my self brushing shoulders with death. Too tired to talk about it today. Will be writing soon on how the Himalayas tried to seduce me into staying there forever, buried under the snow. My hands had started going blue and so had my lips. But for my husband I may have gone ahead and slept the final sleep. I think it was an experience necessary to finally bring me back to life, appreciating what I have all the more.

For now, am back from my trip in Bangalore and excessively tired. I have yet to unpack and sort out the washables from non-washables and put my socks and shoes to dry out in the sun. The weather here is sunny-glaring at me again, now that I’m back to curse it. :D we were supposed to have started with rains here but global warming effect has resulted into shining sun and irritating weather. I wish for the rains to cool me down! Ah! that feeling!

As for the FF chapter, keep a wide smile posted on your face my dears ‘cos postings will begin from Wednesday, on a daily basis.

Trust you all are enjoying the sunny weather out there, where ever you are! :) Keep rocking! :wave:

7 responses

  1. Sounds very interesting… Do let us know what exactly happened, as my curiosity threatens to consume me… Happy unpacking! And YAY for the updates!

    1. will be doing some tomorrow.. am so tired and what with swollen fingers and twisted ankle and all.. get fed up too soon. 😀 story updates are already running in my mind. 😛

      1. Hope you feel better! UGH! Twisted ankle? That sucks! Swollen fingers? That sucks even more! And can’t wait for the updates! 🙂

    2. Hey, updated the new chapter of FF.. and the travel post. hope aapko padhne ka mauka mil jaaye. 🙂

  2. Rather than repeat my sincere BCUK comment, I’ll wish you well and hope to enjoy your regular comments in my WordPress.

  3. anotherbadpenny | Reply

    What an experience for you, take it easy for a few days and let your body and brain recover! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    1. I thank you for visiting my blog. Am quite recovered today and think I shall start writing again. 🙂 Do visit the FF romance story section when you have the time to do so- that is, if you’re interested in reading romance stories. 🙂

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