Attention All Readers!

Hi there! 🙂

I’ve been busy the last two weeks moving house and now I shall be gone for another two weeks to my folks’ place. I will try to post Chapter 21D and Chapter 22 from there. In case I can’t please bear with me until 20th August and then I’ll be back for good. 😉

Enjoy the fun and don’t forget to read the new FF “Love Conquers” (not Arshi but something refreshing) on the other blog:  romanceandstories ( Do tell me how you like it when you’ve read it. Thanks! Enjoy!

9 responses

  1. Your story is amazing wow can’t belive someone can write a story like this with so many emotions continue soon it was my first time reading this story and I finished it in two days update soon cause I can’t wait and also have you visited myeduniya website where people post their stories if you haven’t then I think you should and post your story their everybody would live it and also sis If you dOnt nine can you introduce your self to us and please tell me if you have vinsured myeduniya ipkknd website or not missing your story so much come back soon

  2. Love the past more then the present in your story and good luck with the moving and of course where comes the hardest thing unpacking sis but do it fast cause want you to update please as soon as possible

    1. Please update soon

  3. Update soon I am so hook to it

    1. Hi there, just came back. Expect an update tomorrow! 😉

  4. plz plz continue soon….its been so long nw!!!

  5. Thank you for the update. I thought you might be on your way to NZ. I have a few new posts for you.

  6. No word or comment from you. Guess you are just too busy.I have been keeping all my blogs up to date.

    1. Dear Skip, you guessed it right. I’ve been back and week and still so tired from the trip. Never realized going home could be so exhausting! I shall be visiting your blogs today. Am sure there’s so much interesting stuff to be feasted on. 😉 Hugs

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