FF: Ordinary Girl in an Extraordinary Affair- Epilogue

After much thinking and consideration, I’ve decided that the story has indeed ended and it is time for a new plot of come forth. So I give you the epilogue. Hope you enjoy the new story coming soon! In the meanwhile, don’t forget to read “LOVE CONQUERS” on the other blog: http://amateurstorywriter.wordpress.com/


The ordinary girl’s extraordinary affair turned into a full-fledged wedding affair soon afterwards. Khushi acquiesced to his request and accepted his proposal of marriage after about six months  of him formally courting her, with the permission of her father and her grandmother. During these six months, Arnav went to London every month for a weekend to oversee his business interests that were being handled efficiently by his team there.

Once such weekend, he brought along Anjali and Dean who were overjoyed to see the happiness that surrounded Arnav and Khushi.  Khushi urged Anjali to stay back for a bit and help her out with the house they were furnishing in Nainital. Anjali, happy to be included in her brother’s life welcomed the request and stayed back for a week. Khushi hired her long-time gardener friend in Nainital to landscape her garden and was very happy with the result. Her garden was now exactly like her life was- green and blooming.

During these six months, she also went to London twice with Arnav; once to help Anjali shop for her trousseau and the second time to attend Anjali and Dean’s wedding. Khushi was welcomed by Arnav’s friends in London very warmly. She stayed at his house and declared that she loved it as much as their house in Nainital.

 After much thinking, they finally decided to stay put in London after the wedding, where Arnav’s current base was, with bi-yearly visits to Nainital. It was only once this decision was made that Arnav went ahead to officially ask for Khushi’s hand from her father.

During all the traditional customs that had to be followed before the wedding ceremony itself, he had had a hard time keeping his hands off Khushi. He had been able to meet her and touch her during the Roka ceremony, the Shanti Hawan ceremony, the Sangeet and Mehandi ceremony as well as the Haldi ceremony. Hell, they’d even been able to steal some private time together and some kisses with the help of his cousins.

It had been complete torture when he had been ordered to not meet Khushi or talk to her for 24 hours before the wedding, after the Haldi ceremony. He had been annoyed at all these customs that had to be followed but as his family had tried to explain it to him; it was something Khushi wished for. So – despite his frustration, Arnav patiently waited it out. 

They had a grand wedding in New Delhi where Arnav and Khushi got married in the traditional Indian style. Khushi wore a lehanga in red, her figure showing to the advantage and Arnav all but fell at her feet then. She was a radiant bride, with joy of her love shining on her face. When she joined him at the wedding mandap, their love was in their eyes for everyone to see. He wondered how in the world she’d called herself ordinary and how had he ever thought he’d be able to live without her. She was one of the most extraordinary people he’d ever known- in fact she was the only one who mattered to him in his life from now on. 

Now that the wedding was over and he was officially her husband, he wanted nothing more than to carry his bride away from everyone and make love to her. But there were still some more customs to be followed. He sighed, he must be yet be patient. 

He looked around with satisfaction as their family and friends laughed and chatted away while attending the wedding reception. Anjali and Dean were on the top of the world; not just because Arnav had finally settled down but also because after coming to Nainital, they had discovered that Anjali was about to have a baby. They were both happy and Arnav couldn’t have asked for anything better to happen to his beloved big sister.

Aakash and Payal were enjoying themselves now that all the problems were solved and Aakash was able to take time off business. Arnav suspected another baby in the making there.  Mrs and Mrs Gupta along with their mother, senior Mrs. Gupta were joyous that both their daughters were happily married and had loving husbands. Senior Mrs Gupta gifted Arnav and Khushi her Nainital estate as their wedding gift. Khushi had been overwhelmed at this gesture and invited Mrs Gupta to visit them soon in London. 

Arnav Singh Raizada was still full of arrogance but he knew the boundaries that limited his arrogance. Smirking at the thought of beautifully decked Khushi waiting for him in the bedroom, he thanked the guests as they took their leave. Arnav who thought he couldn’t ever be bothered to fall in love looked up at the stars and thanked the mighty powers for bringing him such happiness. Then he proceeded to the room where his newly wedded bride awaited him.


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  1. hey thankss 🙂 i’ve loved this ff and believe it or not before i read this ihad no idea of an creative world …i knew only of the ipkknd that i watch on star plus…after i found this story i started to venture further and found a whole new set of blogs and fanfictions that i liked…i love this ff and i will miss it…thanks alot 😛 Is your new blog about ipkkndaswell? if so please blog me the link and alsomy IF-arshifan1202

    1. Thank you for those kind words! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading this FF. The other blog is all about romance stories. The one that is on offer right now is NOT an Arshi romance. If you like Mills and Boon soft/modern romance, you’d like Love Conquers. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed reading the story. Will read the others on this blog as well. Keep writing

  3. hey i like dis ff….actually im also interested in Mills and Boon….,,,bt more dan dat i’s interested in dis ff…and in arshi…u know when i was watching the drama show(ipkknd) i was really compared dat to the paper-back(Mills and Boon)…..well i know im a too late commentater……sssooorrryyy….and thanx for dis ff 🙂

    1. Thank you. It is because of readers like you that I am encouraged to write better and better. Have you read the new Arshi FF on this blog? It’s called “Two Worlds Apart”. If you’re interested in reading M&B kind of romance, you can also go to my sub-blog http://amateurstorywriter.wordpress.com/ and read “LOVE CONQUERS” 🙂

      1. Oh wow that’s amazing. I would have seen the mentioned FF only if I had time, but unfortunately my exams are going to start from tomorrow onwards and will end on 24 September. And hey I just realized, I am replying to your comment after about 17 months. But I will go through your FF once I get free with my freaking exams, I promise. Lots of love

        Aparna Molly

  4. Loved reading your FF. Am a recent entrant to the FF world and it amazes me how much creativity abounds.

  5. What a beautiful FF.
    I loved it that the story was set in a level playing field. Both Kushi and Arnav were equals. Loved Kushi’s character that was so humble in spite of the materialistic richness awarded her. Absolutely loved her self-esteem and self-confidence and how she did not let Arnav brow beat her into doing what he wanted. Loved that Arnav realized that love and understanding would win her over rather than domination and bullying.
    I’m so glad that I came across your FF. Thanks for a great read!

    IF – kbtr

  6. This was a delightful read. Your title was a big draw ^^

    We were off to such a rocky start – I seriously wanted to kick Arnav in some choice places initially, but his hot temper is a big part of him. And how you made him pay for it! I love a repenting Arnav and you crafted a delicious journey back to Khushi’s heart for him.

    I really like your pacing and the use of flashbacks. Some writers falter when they bounce between past and present, however I never felt jarred from the story as you revealed their history. It paralleled nicely with what was happening to them at present, showing how much Arnav is willing to change to win his Happiness. Thank you for another sweet slice of Arshi.

    Also, cameo of Dean Winchester – fyeah!

    1. It is always such joy to see readers thoroughly enjoying what I’ve written. Thank you for your generous praise. 🙂 Do keep reading; I’ve started with a new Arshi FF. It is called A fake engagement-a real wedding. Hope to see you around!

  7. I read this story two years ago when I was a shy silent reader. Had loved it then. Found it again on IF yesterday and read it again. Really enjoyed reading it. Loved the strong Khushi and loved how Arnav redeemed himself. Will now read all the rest of your work. Loved your writing!

    1. So glad you liked it so much that you came back to read it. 🙂

  8. Beautifully written story. I love your style and the plot of course. Thanks for sharing. Gotta go to start a new one 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading. 😊 look forward to your views on others. Do visit my other blog too. Cheers.

  9. What a beautiful story.. Loved it so much… Superb.. Khushi and arnav..<3<3.. Thanq so much for dis story dear..

  10. I read this story and totally fell in love with it. I must say that you have done a fabulous job in writing the story. The way you narrate and build up the characters of Arnav and khushi is truly outstandingly. Absolutely loved the love, passion, romance and pain of Arnav and khushi. You are a brilliant writer and I am so glad that I found you. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 – ship13(IF)

  11. Amazing story.. loved it.. Love changed ruthless arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada to ordinary girl Khushi’s Arnav.. ❤

    1. Thank you. Please read on other Arshi stories and do tell how you like them. X

      1. can you share the link of your other Arshi stories. Thanks.

      2. If you go into ‘Categories’ and “Fan Fiction”, you will be able to find the other two stories. 🙂

  12. Really love this story, but to be honest, I love the flashback of their initial stage in love more than the present, I wish the repentance track was added with some more passion, the epilogue is a bit too rush & brief; overall, superb writing and plot. Thanks a lot for hard work. Keep writing.

  13. Enjoyed the story and the repentance. Although it started with fireworks and tensed relationship in making, it ended beautifully. Your story emphasizes on love and trust and indeed that are needed in any relationship! Nice story!

  14. An amazing write up. Loved the characters.

  15. What a fabulous story and so well written….cant wait to read your other stories…thanks so much

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