Happy Navratri!

t is that time of the year again when I’m bogged down with too much housework. The season of festivals is here and complete cleaning of the house is needed, sparkling before Diwali.

The first in line of festivals is NAVRATRI or plainly translated NINE NIGHTS. These are nine nights and days of prayers where we worship Goddess Durga and her 9 divine forms. In my side of the country, it is celebrated with great pomp and fare including playing “GARBA AND DANDIYA RAAS”; a form of folk dance from Gujarat. Of course, living in the South of India means no Garba playing for me. 😦 But I guess.. I can always dance in my own house and I do too!  😀

This festival is also celebrated with great dedication by the North of India; where my husband is from. I’ve dressed up the Goddess and decorated the temple part of my house. :)Here’s a pic of how the Goddess looks right now all decked up. These 9 days are also days of fasting where I eat one piece of fruit every day after prayers. Surprisingly, I feel great and not hungry at all! Must be the darling Goddess granting me some of her survival blessings. ;)

I wish you all a very Happy Navratri and pray that the good goddess grants patience, courage and wisdom to overcome the adversities of life along with granting you health and happiness.

Next in line of festivals is going to be “KARVA CHAUTH” and then Diwali of course. :)     Karva Chauth is all about women praying for the long life of her husband, fasting the entire day. Not even a drop of water goes past your lips on this day until the moon rises and you break your fast. This will be my second Karva Chauth. I had a hell of a time finding women to pray along with the last year since I was new to the entire event. This time, thankfully I have company of women who are well acknowledged in what needs to be done during the puja. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be fun.

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  1. And a happy Navratri to you dear lady

    1. Thank you kind Sir. 🙂

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