Saraswatichandra- A review of 28/02/13


When they finally showed the pre-cap for the show, I wanted to say- well now, the story has finally begun between Saras and Kumud. Until now, it was just a foreplay that went on. Now they will actually start with the game of love.

What a downfall from the heights of rosy imagination! Kusum teases Kumud about the letter from Saraswatichandra, not knowing the lightning that is going to strike Kumud’s heart. She reads the letter for Kumud and stops, unable to read the horror that is written in the letter. Saras has denied any interest in marrying Kumud!

When Kumud reads it for herself, she feels herself falling deep into an abyss. How quickly can one’s mood change, how deeply can one’s heart sink. How much can one person’s words affect another? Her shock is not unwarranted. How could a man send a proposal and then send rejection too? How did that work?

The more she thinks about it, the angrier she gets. Saraswatichandra had mocked her family, insulted it. Worse, he’d insulted her father. She forgets her own suffering, her own shock when she thinks of the reaction of her family once the letter and its contents are shown to them.

Not that she gets a chance to tell them at all. They’re all excited because they’re going to a cyber café to see family’s first son-in-law on the computer, via video conferencing. While Saras had been writing his refusal and Kumud digesting it, their fathers had arranged for a video conference so that they may speak to each other.

It was quite touching to see her father acknowledging the efforts of her daughter’s wisdom. It was Kumud who had brought cyber café into existence in their village. And now her wisdom will bear fruit, in the form of Saraswatichandra’s face. Or so her father thinks!

The only person in the family who still feels wrong about all this is Dugba; her badi-ma. Despite her protests, the whole family travels onwards to the cyber café. It is time, as Guman appropriately mentioned, for a “dhamaka” (an explosion) in the story.

Saras feels he’s not done it exactly right when sending the letter to Kumud. He feels he’s not apologized for his actions enough. His rejection for the proposal has been enough for a shock for Laxminandan anyway. What would his reaction be if he found out about the letter? One thing puzzles Saras though while his father talks about he and Kumud coming online for a video conference.   He’d sent the letter with his refusal. How is it then that Vidyachatur has not responded back to it. Did the letter reach the right hands? Had Kumud not told her father about it then? He has to wait and see.

Kumud feels tied in knots, trying to find words and situation where she can talk to her “bapu” (father) about the letter. Her anger deepens against Saras. He’s the one who’s put her in this position. Her eyes ice up as she thinks of what she wants to tell him.

And this is where the pre-cap comes in. I’m all agog to see what she says and how Saraswatichandra responds to her anger, her challenge.

Part 1

Part 2

One response

  1. Saras feels his father never understood him,on the opposite end we gave Dugba who understands Kumud so well. In turn Kumud understands other people better.
    The letter’s rejection seems to effect Kumud more as she has dreamt of him, and feels that it was a match made in heaven as she seems to see signs in everything.
    Thank you uploading the episodes, I think I will watch them again sometime.

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