Looking for updates?

And so here goes another week where I’ve not been able to write updates on Two Worlds Apart and Love Conquers. You might as well wonder what the heck is she upto. 😀

It’s not that I don’t wish to write or that inspiration well has gone dry. Circumstances simply have put a full stop to my writing since a couple of weeks. Family visits, as delightful as they are leave you with a lot of work and a feeling of exhaustion.

What with that, and summer heat, irritation as well as the addition of burns in my right hand, my writing has become too limited and thus, publishing the updates for another week seems an improbability. For those who read my regular reviews on Myeduniya.com for the show “Saraswatichandra”, you may have noticed I haven’t posted any since the last one week. You can thank burns on my fingers for that. 😦

Someone recently told me I may have been jinxed by someone who envies me. Is that even possible? Personally, I have a hard time believing in all that mumbo jumbo, but now– who knows? Stranger things have been known to happen. And there are several strange things going on in my life.

In short, at the moment though I wish to write, I can only write a page at a time, which severely impairs my ability to post a chapter quickly. For all those darling readers who’re waiting for an update, please hold on to your patience, and God willing, things will start rolling soon.


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  1. Luv to read ur ipkknd fictions…plz notify me thru mail if its possible wen u start updating….thank you..

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