A fake engagement-a real wedding. (prologue)


I don’t think there is a way where I can stay away from two of my favourite characters. So here goes, another story with Arnav and Khushi of the famed IPKKND. Don’t forget to let me know how you like the beginning. 😉


a fake engagement- a real wedding

a fake engagement- a real wedding

“Khushi madam, ASR ne bulaya hai- urgently.”

Khushi groaned inwardly as she looked at the watch. Hey Devi Maiyya! Ab kya! It looked like she was going to be late reaching home today. And on Payal’s birthday too! Why, oh why couldn’t the Laad Governer have called earlier if he had already something to pick on her today ? Not that these thoughts reflected on her face at all. She looked with a serene expression on her face at the messenger; a special “chamcha” of ASR as she liked to call him and said, “I will be there in two minutes. Thank you.”

The messenger with the name OP left her with a smirk on his face and muttered, “Fireworks on the way.”

Khushi heard that mutter and straightened her spine. She stood up, smoothed her skirt, and collected her notepad and pen. Not a single time went by when she and the CEO of the multinational organisation didn’t have a clash of –well, it wasn’t words really, since she was in no position to have a clash of words with him.  After all, he was the big boss and she was just an office assistant. They generally had no personal meetings- only the end of the year meeting and a review.  He found faults with her at times, and conveyed them to her by Email (lately these emails had become frequent)– she had to reluctantly acknowledge– that the wretched man had been right every time. Nothing escaped his attention.

So it wasn’t a clash of words or wills.  It was simply a clash of eyes. She shivered as she remembered those amber eyes; the way they bore into her like they would strip her of all her calm. Taking deep breaths, she preached herself, “Stop it. It is high time you stopped with this nonsense. Stop being so affected by him. He’s just a man- not an ogre.  Stay calm. Deep breaths..He is not going to strangle you even if you might have made a mistake. ” and she breathed in deep and closed her eyes.

“He just might .” Said an amused but irritated voice from behind, “If you don’t stop talking to yourself and get yourself moving.”

Khushi opened her eyes immediately and turned around neatly on her black pumps. ASR stood there, all six foot two of lean muscle clad in crisp grey business suit. Not even a trace of humour showed on his face, so that she thought she might have imagined his amused tone. He stood in his usual stance, with his hands in his trouser pockets and a frown on his forehead, surveying her like she was an alien specimen.  Hayye Devi Maiyya! How long had he been standing there? Had he heard all that nonsense about her being affected by him? She sincerely hoped not! Her heart stuttered as she met his eyes, and then she forced herself to become calm. Her doe brown eyes became as opaque as wood as she said, “I was just collecting my notepad and pen before coming to your office.”

He looked at her, from her sleek neat hair falling over her shoulders, her doe brown eyes, her slightly flushed cheeks, pale pink lips, cream blouse over black knee-length skirt and her feet encased in black stockings and black pumps. She looked exactly as an Office Assistant should look- neat and presentable, calm and ready to handle any crisis. No one looking at her could doubt her ability to run the office with the efficiency she had been running it with, for the last two years. He wasn’t sure how, but he was aware that she was anything but calm most of the times.

“Hmpph.” said he gruffly, turning around to get out of her office and stride with his long legs into his own.

18 responses

  1. Interesting start. Looking forward to seeing how both of them come together.

  2. Wooow nice beginning i must say and story plot is also awesome

  3. Love the start. Look forward to more

  4. Love it already! Thank you for the new story…looking forward to reading more!!

  5. Thank you SOoooooooo much Dii for this new ArShi Story! 🙂

    LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE.. LOVE.. Absolutely LOVED it! 🙂

    Frantically waiting for the next update!

  6. I liked it. Looking forward to reading more

  7. Verrrryyyyy interesting!! And promising. I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂

  8. Planning to catch up with all the updates now. A great start. 🙂

  9. Fantastic start. Loved it. 🙂 – ship13(IF)

  10. Love this story. Another gem of yours. Started reading it and totally totally into it. Thank you.

  11. Hi there, finally started with this story and looking forward to reading the chapters. I love love your story Ordinary Girl in an Extraordinary Affair. Must have read it few times 🙂

    1. Hello, I thank you for your constructive and very encouraging comments on all the Chapters of “A fake engagement-A real wedding”. Also, it is great to know that you really appreciated my previous attempt at writing. It is due to readers like yourself that I am motivated to write more and better. Enjoy reading! 🙂 XX

  12. Hey you welcome 🙂 I should thank you for writing another story on ARHI 🙂 Ordinary girl is one of my top favorite FFs and something I read to uplift my mood or to feel good. My only request is PLEASE PLEASE don’t leave this story incomplete and give us updates at a reasonable frequency. I know you will ❤

  13. Just starting this story … two whole years late 🙂
    But am sure will enjoy reading it … The prologue is very interesting …

  14. Do you have Ordinary girl too on the Blog ? If possible would like to read that too …

    1. Welcome to the blog. 🙂 yes, Ordinary girl is here for you to read. Simply go to “categories” and click on Fan Fiction. Happy reading! X

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