A dilemma needs answers. A new story needs opinions!


Uncertainty assails me as I am in two minds regarding the behaviour of a strong character in one of my stories; the title it holds for now is- ” To go or not to go – A family hell beckons”. Needless to say, it is not my usual story talking romance, but a dark family plot. It might also sound like typical family drama (nothing new), but well – I do wish to try my hand at it.


Samadhi- an Inner Consciousness

Samadhi, a woman in her late sixties, had been forced out of her home a year ago.  Living on government welfare and in a house run by the women welfare committee now, she has slowly recovered from the betrayal and started living a normal life. Since the last two weeks, she had started earning her keep by volunteering to do the housekeeping for similar houses run by the committee. She now remembers the young girl she had once been – a young girl with dreams. She is slowly getting close to the meaning of her name – life and balance of inner consciousness. The enlightenment. Until–

A phone call wakes her one night. She rises and takes the call. It was the house superintendent. They were looking for her and wanted her to come back. As she puts the phone down, she finally realizes she has to take a stand. She may be broke, but she is not broken. The last year had shown her that. Something in her has reared its head up with a vengeance to take back her life, her own happiness. Time has come for her to take action against those who have made her life such a hell hole- her own family!

But first, some questions that plague her need to be looked at-

1) Should she forgive the matriarch of the family, who ruled the roost and had made her life an absolute misery right from the first day of her marriage? It was in the name of tradition that she took immense pleasure in her cruel ways, keeping this new bride away from her newly wedded husband, and later on being the cause of constant marital conflict? Would it be right to call her out on her actions, considering she is physically incapacitated ?

2) Over the years, as the woman became older, she knew sadness was her shadow. But she bravely rallied on. She had thought it couldn’t get worse- but it did. The family she had spent the last forty years loving and supporting turned against her, forgetting the fact that had it not been for her, they might never have made it so good.

Should she forgive them all, who when she needed their support, one by one turned against her, isolated her and became the cause of constant mental pain? What should be her attitude towards such a family in her old days?

3) The man she had fallen in love with and married, the man she sacrificed her once successful nursing career for, the man she should have had by her side as a friend, as her constant support, but the man who never had been-not even when she was in pain or when she gave birth to his child, risking her life for the heir, had declared in the end that he had never loved her.

Thanks to the matriarch, she was constantly berated and ignored by him all her married life. Last year, he had got her declared insane and turned her out of her own house, thanks to the constant plotting and planning of his family. He had even mocked her existence as he had turned her out. When she had beseeched him, asked him to not turn her out – didn’t he love her at all, he had laughed  at her. Who could love her, he had said.

The same man from over a year ago, the same man she had lived with all her years was now calling her. He is now bed ridden & repents his actions- or so he says. He wants her to come back to be by his side. Should she go back to him ?

This is the ultimate question— Should Samadhi forgive and forget all those, who forced her own mother out of her family home when she had come calling and been in need of her daughter, leaving in misery to never return, to the day she died?

Can all the bitter memories be washed away ? With what exactly?

Forgiveness is an admirable human virtue, but should it be practised for those who don’t believe in repenting for their sins and create constant misery?

What about the law of Karma? What should she do in such circumstances? My own heart urges me to teach them all a lesson, to be unforgiving. But what about you?

The more opinions, the better. 🙂

3 responses

  1. Yeah I know it’s nicer to forgive and forget.. But I think it would be a lot of fun to just teach them a lesson 🙂 To hell with forgiveness!

  2. You have probably written this story, but I’ll put my two pence in. What goes around comes around.

    My mother once told me a story of an old man who lived with his son an his daughter in law. However he gave them no love and berated his son and DIL in everything they did, for him, his family etc. The son would carry the man around on his back and his father was paralysed. The DIL took all the jibes and the vindictiveness for years, always calming her husband and telling him to keep the peace, the man was his father and should be respected. One day it all got too much when the man started barating their young son. Finally in tears the DIL, could take no more so her husband took the father outside, he took him to a river and was about to throw him in, but the father told him not to throw him there and further up would be better. The man looked at his father and asked why, the father replied “because that is where I had thrown my own father when he was old, just as your son will do one day too.” Needless to say the man took his father home, much to his wife’s relief, and told her that to break the circle of abuse someone needs to stop being horrible. The old man died a few weeks later and was cremated with all the usual last rights.

    My thoughts would be to go back to her inlaws house, see what the husband wanted, tell him how he let her down as a woman, as a wife, a lover and the mother of his children. If she was a good mother the children would know and return her love, she should get a carer for her husbands needs and live happily with her children. If not then walk away, and never look back.

    1. If she were to be only judgemental or too saintly, she’d not be the character I want to portray. Years of bitterness can eat into anyone’s soul so yes, hers has also been bitten into and a chunk taken away.
      Thank you for your input though. It was really helpful.

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