A Fake Engagement- A Real Wedding – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Fake Engagement

YOU!” Khushi tried to free her hand. “Let me go. I thought you were in a hurry to go on your hot date.”

“Of course my date is hot, but that doesn’t mean I will leave you here to find an auto rickshaw. I am polite that way. ” Arnav replied deadpan. At her fiery look, he freed her hand, while smirking and continued, “So Khushi Gupta, will you allow me to drop you home?”

“I don’t need to be dropped anywhere, okay? You go where you have to go and leave me be. ” Khushi’s eyes spit fire as she said this. How dare he admit he had a hot date,but was only being polite while suggesting he dropped her off home! As if she was a child that needed his minding. She was not going to have any of this nonsense if they got engaged.

Appalled at where her thoughts had taken her to, she turned away from him, trying to get her brain to work sensibly. Her mind was totally a mess, if she could give even a nanosecond of consideration to that fake engagement. She found herself in the next instant, being gently turned back to face him, as Arnav mocked, “Politeness is a jewel in your crown Ms Gupta, don’t lose it. Say yes, and let me do the right thing. ”

“Alright then. If you insist, thank you. ” Khushi gave in, sighing. As he guided her towards his car, he said, “That is a sad sigh. You won’t have to bear my company for long Khushi Gupta. Just until I drop you home. ”

A sharp retort sprang to her lips, but Khushi held it back and closed her mouth shut, her eyes wide. She was completely mental if she was in angry because he was going out with someone else. She just couldn’t be jealous!

“What, no come back? Not even a tiny retort. ” Arnav mocked her.

“No. ” Khushi gave a clipped reply, and heard his breath intake.

Khushi stared straight ahead, walking on, trying to blank out the smell of him. He affected her in so many ways, more than anyone else. He riled her up, made her smile and he made her feel very desirable too. Not that she was going to give in to this attraction. That way lay destruction and heart break. She was not going to fool herself into thinking she was in love; it was plain and simple attraction.

“What are you thinking about? I can hear your brain engines whirring. ” ASR tried to start a conversation.

“Just thinking something, and I really don’t want to talk about it. ” Khushi replied softly but firmly.

Arnav was amused. She had no idea her face was an open book for him. As if he could read her thoughts, Khushi heard him say, “I go out on dates normally with women who are like myself, looking for a companion for society evenings. It doesn’t end up in bed Khushi. ”

Her face red, Khushi mumbled, “What do I care ASR. You can go out anytime you like, with who ever you like. Humain koi fark nahi padta, samjhe aap!”

“Nahi? Now that’s strange, because if you were going out on a date, I would want to beat the guy to the pulp. When I saw you with Jha the first time, I wanted to break his jaw when he smiled at you and break his hand when he caught yours.  ” Pat came Arnav’s reply.

Khushi gaped at him for a second, then shook her head saying with a soft smile, “You’ve lost it Mr Rothwell Raizada. I suggest psychiatric help. ”

Arnav threw his head back and laughed. In that single second Khushi knew she would never ever feel as attracted to any other man as this one. He looked at her with a glint in his eye and simply said, “Maybe Khushi Gupta, maybe I have lost it. All your fault though. Now come along; I don’t want to be late. ”

And Khushi blushed to the roots of her hair, muttering “I knew it was going to be my fault somehow.” and meekly walked along with him to the car.

The journey to Khushi’s house was completed in silence as ASR managed through the heavy evening traffic on Delhi roads. Not that Khushi resented the silence. She felt quite comfortable sitting next to him, not talking. Only once did it happen that she looked out the window, away from him that he promptly said,” No, don’t. ” As if she understood him, she stopped looking out the window and stared straight ahead, to hear him breathe in and smile. She felt in sync with him. They reached the house, and for the first time Khushi wished her journey with him would have lasted longer. The next thought scorned her as she remembered, he was in a hurry to get ready for his date and her profile turned icy again. She heard him sigh as she opened the door and thanked him. An eyebrow up, she enquired with an abrupt, “What.”

For an answer, he leaned across the seat to where she had her head inside the window and gave her a swift kiss on her surprised lips. “See you tomorrow at Anjali’s mehandi, my fake fiancee.”

And he drove away, leaving her outraged and open mouthed at her doorstep.

Meanwhile Payal watched what was happening between Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi and a chuckle left her as he drove away. That man was devious and Khushi was totally wrapped up in him, just like he was in her- thought Payal. She had her suspicions about him being aware of his feelings, unlike Khushi. Only time would tell though, how things pan out. Sighing, Payal turned away from the window and went ahead to open the door, only to have Khushi knocking her on the nose, lost in her own world.

“Khushi di, for God’s sake! ” At Payal’s exasperated chuckle, Khushi looked up and found her hand on Payal’s nose. Her eyes widened at what she had done and then sense of humour took over. She laughed, and she entered the house after Payal, “You should be glad I didn’t pound the door.” Taking in Payal’s appearance, she asked, “Are you going out somewhere?”

“I should have known you’d forget. ” Payal made a face and smiled, “It is quite okay though. We can go another time. ”

And Khushi winced. She could have kicked herself for her absent mindedness. She had promised Payal they would go out tonight; two sisters celebrating life together. Gathering her wits together, she said “Oh no no no. I may have forgotten about our evening plans for a second there, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going! Give me ten minutes and we’ll be on our way. Meanwhile, how about calling for a taxi? I – er may have forgotten to do it this afternoon.”

Giving Payal a sheepish grin, Khushi rushed into her room to shower and change. Twenty minutes later they left the house in the taxi, dressed smart and ready to enjoy their evening dinner at Pind Balluchi, in Connaught Place. While Payal was dressed in a lacy bodycon dress in black and a crocheted cream scarf to go with it, Khushi had opted to go for a sleeveless square neck belted jumpsuit in red with a short jacket in beige.  Inwardly she had sighed in relief as she sat down beside her sister in the taxi. At least the restaurant had been booked a week in advance. She promised herself, she would enjoy the rest of the evening with her sister and not once think about Rothwell Raizada.

They paid of the taxi driver and made their way to Pind Balluchi. The doorman at the restaurant opened the door with a greeting and a smile, Khushi smiled back at him and greeted him back. A woman dressed in a saree came up to meet them with a smile.

“Good evening. May I help you?” Said the woman.

“Good evening, we have a reservation for two. In the name of -”

“Arnav Singh Raizada.”

Startled, Khushi turned around and found her eyes meeting the amber ones of Arnav Singh Raizada.





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  1. OMG you are back…. so good to see you. have been waiting and tweeted you many times for the update. Superb chapter.. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your patience Athiyam. I have been busy grappling health issues,but am much better now. X

      1. No issue… trust all well at your end and you are feeling better now tc 🙂

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    1. My pleasure. 🙂 X

  3. First of all, a bigggggg thank you for updating it! 🙂 Superbbbbb update, Dii 😀

    Loveddddd it! ❤ And the end :p ASR isn't going to leave his fake fiancé alone even on a sisters' night out! :p Was it pre-planned? Hmm.. I think so! ASR' hot date was Khushi only 😉

    Waiting for the next update! 😀

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  9. Thank you for the update after ages girl. Too lovely a story to be abandoned. Hope are feeling better. Get well!

    As for the update, let me not complain about it being short. Waiting to see where they go from here! Arnav is in his element. So has he gate crashed the girls’ night out?!




  10. Glad that you updated 🙂
    Loved the car ride and the parting kiss outside Khushi’s house. Arnav’s confession regarding how he would have reacted or what he wanted to do to Shyam was so endearing. Khushi shall now understand what the man wants or how much he desires her 😉
    The ending… Eekksss!! Can’t wait for the next update.
    PS: Was Payal in his plan?

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    1. By the end of this week, keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂 Thank you for your patience.

  18. Awesome story.. Read all parts in one go.. Loved it.. ARSHI are so soaked into each other.. Yet not ready to accept.. Arnav still brings out his liking for Khushi even though it can’t be called as love as don’t think Arnav believes in it however Khushi completely denies it but she does replies positively only when they kiss each other.. Shyam-lavanya are also interesting couple.. Looking forward to next part how come Arnav is on date with Payal.. What is being cooked here.. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hopefully soon. Popping a baby out is a complicated process and I’m only just finding it out! 😀

      1. Oh wow congratulations and all the best 😁 … I popped a baby out 4 months ago too … it’s a wonderful exprience.. take care!!!

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    1. Hello, thank you for your patience. Will be with you soon, as soon as my month old daughter frees me for an hour. X

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    Loved the characters here and alex is my fav

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    Hope you and the baby are doing fine!!!

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