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Episode analysis- 04-23-12

Just finished watching yesterday’s episode. I’m no analyst but a simple viewer and this is my POV:

I know I’d thought I wouldn’t see all of it but then, sleep induced state made me forget my resolve. From what I’ve seen now, I think at this rate, Khushi will also be in line for repentance big time if she continues with her mindless antics. ASR is a complex person. He can’t be played around without him backfiring after a while. Khushi is horribly wrong with what she’s doing and these actions? They can’t be justified by saying that she’s merely 19, not mature enough and has been recently roughly handled. She loves him and yes she was forcibly married but she married her heart had already chosen in the end, didn’t she? At least she didn’t have to marry Shyam and go through the horrors of another kind. She could’ve refused to marry him and proved OTT and selfish but then abhi jo kar rahi hain wo kaunsa Khushi ka character hain!

From ASR’s part- yes he will repent and suffer for his mistakes definitely but isn’t it justified that Khushi also suffers then for her mistakes? Maybe the way they got married was wrong and the marriage has to end (which we’ll see if it does) is terribly wrong on ASR’s part but we’re already expecting his suffering.

What I see is that he trusts her and she dupes him. There are only so many times you can cry wolf Khushi darling. This is going to backfire soon when he will not trust you even when you speak the truth. We saw that too in the end, didn’t we though? He thinks she’s hidden the spare parts of his car to trouble him and doesn’t believe that she’s innocent.

Remember Newton’s rule- every action has an equal and opposite reaction. ASR has yet to go through equal and opposite reaction for his action. Bechara aiwai pehlese suffer karna shuru kar diya hain.  Khushi is just as mean as ASR is, with the difference being ASR’s past still justifies his actions. Khushi.. sudhar jaao darling.. varna bahot jaldi humiliation ki baari tumhaari hogi.

The best part was GH women and at the breakfast table. Ah! Garima may have said harsh words to Khushi in the past and even been angry and unfeeling but look at how Buaji and Garima acted when the food delivery came in. Wow.. I felt like going there and hugging them. After a few minutes the same feelings overwhelmed me for them again when they ate the pasta and though they didn’t like it, didn’t insult their damaad and praised it to the heavens.

Ye hain India ki womenfolk; they are independent, strong, sensitive, caring, understanding, motherly and forgiving. Babuji seems to be judging his SIL and is quite happy with what his Khushi bitiya has gained in such a husband. (Sun le Khushi, tere babuji ko aadmi ki pehchaan hain.)

Loved Arnie’s expressions. So childlike he was when he asked them if they liked the food and even when he stood with his hands folded on his chest, waiting for the spare parts to be returned. Sweet! J Sanayaji.. yaad hain na, acting kar rahe ho, expressions dene padenge? Where are her correct expressions? They have been missing for sure. Maybe the poor darling is bored with what she’s doing. I’m she’s a smart woman she knows this way of Khushi’s will never lead to happy ending.


Shyam babua.. finally you got the key made but phir pakde gaye beta. 😀 Do you guys also feel that Mamaji is perhaps this “jasoos” that Anjali keeps on talking about? I think Mamaji has a very strong role to play later as witness to all that has happened. Maybe he was also the one who had heard Khushi confessing her state to DM. Kya pata..